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Innovative biobanking for everyone

The future of prevention is here. For everyone.

Innovative biobanking BloodCloud™ enables everyone to prepare for the arrival of personalized predictive medicine.



Current trends in healthcare are moving towards the introduction of modern methods that can detect upcoming health issues long before the first symptoms.
BloodCloud™ gives anyone the opportunity to be prepared for a new era of personalised medicine.

We want a healthier, more fulfilling and more satisfying life for everyone.

Your ticket to the world of 
innovative prevention 

*min. number of CryoCapsules™ required

The prerequisite for fully utilizing the potential of your BloodCloud™ archive is the introduction of new methods into diagnostic practice and at the same time at least 3 collected samples from which time-lapse data can be obtained.

The most important aspect
is a question of the near future


We have the capability to provide advanced diagnostic methods; some are accessible at the time of sample collection, while others require consecutive years of data for comparison.

Currently available analyses


1x a year


How does BloodCloud™ work?


Periodic collection of venous blood and its cryopreservation in a certified storage facility.

sample library

Each of your samples is stored in the BloodCloud™ repository. The more extensive your archive, the more valuable the data.


Each sample taken undergoes either basic or extended analysis, where we test key functions of vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and heart.

*Part of the OPTIMAL and PREMIUM packages

Trend analysis 
from screening*

*Part of the OPTIMAL and PREMIUM packages 
Requires data from at least two screenings

You can track the results
of the interim screenings
and their development over time in your NXTM Board.



Vitamins and hormones 
Fatty acid profile (lipidomics) 
Amino acids and biogenic amines

The introduction of comparative metabolomics methods in diagnostic practice will bring completely new possibilities for analysis.


*min. number of CryoCapsules™ required

Comprehensive prediction of health development

The non-targeted metabolomic method allows us to analyse thousands of parameters in a single sample. Through batch analysis of at least three CryoCapsules™ from your 
BloodCloud™ archive, you will get all the data you need for detailed, reliable and accurate predictive analysis of the development of your health condition.

In this way, you will recognize health risks that can be easily avoided with early prevention.



The most important thing
is a matter of the near future

The prerequisite for fully utilizing the potential of your BloodCloud™ archive is the introduction of new methods into diagnostic practice and at the same time at least 3 collected samples from which time-lapse data can be obtained.

*min. number of CryoCapsule™ for implementation

* min. number of CryoCapsule™ for implementation

Currently available analyses

We are already able to offer advanced diagnostic methods. Some are available in plans
when taking a sample, you need it for others
consecutive year data for comparison.

1x a year

What health risks can be prevented?

  • Disease conditions caused by unhealthy habits and lifestyle

    • Metabolic syndrome

    • Type 2 diabetes mellitus

    • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

      • Hypertension

      • Atherosclerosis

      • Myocardial infarction

      • Stroke

  • Negative manifestations of aging that can be significantly suppressed or delayed

    • Chronic inflammatory state ("inflamaging", tissue senescence)

    • Deterioration of cognitive functions and memory 

    • Dementia 

    • Macular degeneration of the retina

    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (spine pain, arthrosis)

  • Diseases caused by the uncontrolled and autonomous proliferation of body cells, the risk of which is significantly related to smoking, inappropriate nutrition and environmental pollution


    • Colon tumors

    • Breast tumors

    • Prostate tumors

    • Lung tumors

  • Diseases associated with improper function of the immune system

    • Autoimmune inflammatory diseases

    • Allergy

    • Immunodeficiency

  • Diseases with congenital disposition and late onset of symptoms

    • Huntington's disease

    • Some forms of Parkinson's disease

    • Some forms of schizophrenia

  • Adverse effects of the surrounding environment on individuals, especially cumulative exposure to ecologically significant pollutants of anthropogenic origin

    • Heavy metals

    • Pesticides, herbicides

    • Plasticizers 

    • Mycotoxins

Molecular geneticist and leading scientists in gene function analysis in world-wide research consortium (IMPC) ; director of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, a leading European centre for disease model phenotyping

PD Dr.rer.nat. habil. Radislav Sedláček



A leading Czech molecular immunologist
and university professor, holder of prestigious awards for contributions in the field of science and medicine, including the Presidential Medal of Merit and the National Prize Czech Brains.

Prof. RNDr. Václav Hořejší, CSc.


An expert in clinical biochemistry, a long-term head of leading Czech hospital laboratories. He specializes in process management, digitalization, automation and implementation of modern procedures in clinical laboratories.

Jan Špička, MD, MBA, EuSpLM